Introducing Lobby Capital

16 years ago we started the Lobby Conference with one simple understanding — it’s all about the people! And we launched Lobby Capital with the same observation: It’s all about the people who found and nurture and grow the amazing portfolio companies, the people at Lobby with whom we collaborate, communicate and commiserate to provide those companies with the support, inspiration, expertise and even, love to help them thrive. It is all the people in the Lobby who together, make us greater than the sum of our parts.

As Series A investors, we are nothing without the collaboration of our visionary friends in the seed community and our steadfast allies in the late stage community. We have been fortunate to work with some of the very best investors over the last twenty years and are even more excited to build on those important relationships moving forward, as well as developing many more in the years to come. Fantastic new people enter the startup arena everyday and we can’t wait to work with them!

Buddy Arnheim and David Hornik have been applying their 24/7 approach to serving the startup community during the Internet’s initial explosion over 20 years ago. Among the first beneficiaries was Selina Tobaccowala who founded Evite, and counted David and Buddy among her earliest advisers. David went on to become Selina’s investor, board member, cheering squad and confidante. In the 2000s, Howard Hartenbaum, Eric Carlborg, and David Hornik teamed up at August Capital to fund some of the most talented entrepreneurs, including Candice Faktor and Jim Everingham (twice). James, Candice, Howard, Kevin, Selina, Eric, Buddy and David have advised, mentored and funded dozens upon dozens of transformative businesses over the last two decades. We are excited to join forces to support the next great innovators in the decades to come.