The Lobby Capital Portfolio

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Docyt is a real-time account platform that replaces manual processes and stale data with AI-powered accounting automation. The platform includes products that support bill pay, receipt capture and expense reporting.

Sector:Finance technology
Location:Santa Clara, California
Lobby lead:Eric Carlborg
Founder/CEO:Sugam Pandey, Sidharth Saxena


EarlyBird is transforming lives through early detection of literacy challenges, including predicting risk for dyslexia, with a tech platform leveraging an engaging mobile game.

Location:Needham, Massachusetts
Lobby lead:David Hornik
Founder/CEO:Carla Small
Hidden Level
Jeffrey Cole and Gary Dominicos

Hidden Level

Hidden Level has developed and maintains a proprietary system that ensures National airspace safety at low altitude by providing actionable airspace monitoring data through its distributed sensor network.

Sector:Aerospace Technology
Location:Syracuse, NY
Lobby lead:Buddy Arnheim
Founder/CEO:Jeffrey Cole, Gary Dominicos


Vowel is building a modern operating system for meetings. Through a suite of tools that sit on top of video conferencing, Vowel allows teams to plan, prepare, engage, and exchange information, no matter where your team members are sitting.

Sector:Business technology
Location:NYC, New York
Lobby lead:David Hornik
Founder/CEO:Paul Fisher, Andrew Berman


WaffarX is the first cash-back shopping platform for the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). WaffarX offers their customers a variety of promotions when shopping through their digital platform.

Location:Cairo, Egypt
Lobby lead:Kevin Johnson and David Hornik
Founder/CEO:Ezz Fayek, Mahmoud Montasser, Ahmed Kamal

Our portfolio companies are following in very big footsteps. Here are some of the pioneering companies we backed before founding Lobby Capital.