We bring decades of experience and expansive relationships to help build game‑changing companies

Great companies are built by the dedicated people who work together tirelessly, every day.

But in our modern, data-driven world, human capital can often be overlooked. That’s why we believe in a “back-to-basics” approach toward venture capital—it is all about the people.

We love entrepreneurs. And we’re here to help. We augment your vision with our partner-led, hands-on approach. Drawing upon the tight-knit Lobby Conference community, we bring you access to a formidable network of founders, advisors, technologists, journalists, lenders, lawyers, accountants, consultants, and investors alike. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of entrepreneurs and bring that experience and expertise to the board room to help you thrive and make the most of the opportunity in front of you.

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Lobby Capital was born out of the Lobby Conferences

Community is at the very heart of Lobby Capital. And there is no stronger community of entrepreneurs than those who’ve attended the Lobby Conferences. More than two thousand entrepreneurs have joined us at the Lobby Conferences over the years, include some of the biggest innovators of our day. This powerful community of friends and colleagues is at the heart of Lobby Capital. We are honored to have them join us at The Lobby year in and year out. And we are excited to expand the ever-evolving Lobby community with the next generation of groundbreaking founders.

August Capital

Among the wonderful entrepreneurs in the Lobby community are the executives from the August Capital portfolio. While we are making all new investments through Lobby Capital, we continue to manage the August Capital portfolio and to support the August family unwaveringly with our collective wisdom, resources, and enthusiasm.